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Welcome to the International Harp Resource Centre For All Things Harp!

This is a resource supplied by the International Harpist Directory to help promote this truly amazing instrument and its wonderful music to a wider audience around the world. This section of our website, launched in February 2013 will be a work in progress, gradually adding everything to do with the harp and harpists in all countries around the world.
It will be a useful resource for professional harpists to source instruments, accessories, sheet music, etc.

For students of the harp, it will be somewhere to find tutors and information about harp organisations, details of educational establishments where they can become fully qualified harpists. A source of historical information about the harp to aid in studies and much more.

Harp Manufacturers / Vendors, Music Suppliers and Accessory Suppliers.

Manufacturers and suppliers will be able to make their products known to the harping world, harpists will be able to promote their CD's. If you feel you have something to offer, either harpists or lovers of harp music, then SUBMIT YOUR DETAILS.

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International Listing Of Educational Establishments & Independent Harp Teachers
This section is for educational establishments such as Universities, Schools, Master Classes, Workshops and independent teachers to promote the services they provide to teach pupils of all levels the skills required to play the harp. From beginner courses to post graduate qualifications, all are welcome.
If your organisation attracts international students. You will be listed below and on the dedicated page for your country.


Folk Harp / Celtic  Harp, Gaelic Harp, Kora, Clarsach Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers Around The World.
There are an amazing number of traditional harp instrument manufacturers around the world, each with their own unique sounds and design. Eventually, we intend to have them all listed here, so bookmark this page and come back soon.

The Early Music Shop Logo Logo for harp makers George Stevens Luthier. Harp Centre Of Wales Logo.

Pedal Harp / Concert Harp Manufacturers and Suppliers.
There are far less manufacturers of these magnificent instruments around the world and hopefully we will track them all down and get them listed. 

Folk And Celtic Harp Resources, Festivals, Competitions, Media And Workshops.
The Folk & Celtic harp music fraternity around the world is vast and there are lots of resources for those interested in this traditional instrument and music. There's also a thriving community of musicians bringing this instrument in to the 21st century with original compositions.

Pedal / Concert Harp Competitions & Special Events.
This section will focus on special events and competitions for the concert harp.

Sheet Music Suppliers / Harp Music Composers.
Are you a sheet music supplier or independent composer of music suitable for the harp? List your services here, so that harpists from all over the world can access your music.

Harp Organisations, Societies & Groups.
If you are one of the specialist harp groups around the globe, then list your organisation here so that people looking for you, can find you.

The Dutch Harp Society


Harp Music Therapy and Therapists.
The use of the harp in healing and therapy is increasingly common all over the world and many musicians are diversifying in this field. Here we hope to point people in the right direction to find information about harp music therapy. 

General Subjects

Harp Accessories
From small independents to international suppliers of harp accessories, they will all be listed here.

Harp / Music Publications & Media.
National and international harp and music publications and media can promote themselves here.

Harp Music CD'S For Sale.
With thousands of people visiting this website from all over the world every month, this is the perfect place to promote your recordings of harp music. Individual harpists and large distributers can all promote their music free of charge. SUBMIT YOUR DETAILS

Classical Music Appreciation, Groups, Media, etc.
A section dedicated to classical music websites of all kinds across the globe. SUBMIT YOUR DETAILS


Harp Manufacturers & Suppliers. If you are a harp manufacturer or a harp supplier then you can have your details listed below. Your advert can be free of charge, if you meet certain requirements. For more details, please Email Us.

Blevins Harps are based the state of Colorado, USA.
They sell their 80+ models of handcrafted folk harp worldwide.

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