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A picture of a harpist based in the Netherlands.Harpist H1 - Regina Ederveen - Netherlands

Harpist Regina Ederveen, plays professionally on her golden harp.

She specialises in playing at weddings, concerts, conferences, churches, etc, in the Netherlands.

Please visit her website for more detailed information.

Web;  www.reginaederveen.nl Tel; 0031 6 231 948 63
Dutch harpist Sabine Meijers.Harpist H2 - Sabine Meijers - Netherlands


Waiting for information from harpist!

Web; www.sabinemeijers.nl Tel; +31 6 243 111 22
Dutch harpist Brenda Dorgroot.Harpist H3 - Brenda Dor-Groot - Netherlands
A classically trained harpist with a specialization in jazz, blues & improvisation. This makes her a unique performer in a variety of settings, including clubs, intimate events & home concerts, large business events, funerals & gallery openings. She plays solo (classical too, by request) & with her Blues Band or Jazz Ensemble (violin, harp, bass, drums). Some quite adventurous collaborations are: Vision Improv (free improvisation with bassoonist Marieke Voordewind), Beauty & the Beats with DJ Valentani (lounge, dance, even house), 3 Sides Live (groovy stuff with DJ + violinist Sietse van Gorkom) & HarpZZ with harpist Sabine Meijers with whom she founded the International Jazz Harp Foundation www.jazzharp.org. Youtube: www.youtube.com/brendachristina1
Web; www.brendadorgroot.com Tel; +31 (0)640 587 484
Photo of harpist Anne from Holland.

Harpist H4 - Anne Vanschothorst - Holland
Anne has been described as 'an extraordinary musician' 'such a cool artist' & 'a highly emotive harpist'. Music critics characterise her work as 'avant garde' 'innovative' 'minimal' 'lyrical' 'cinematic' 'very touching & intense music'. She is one of the few creative & edgy harpists in the world who records original, contemporary classical, crossover & instant music for Multi Media & ART projects. Compositions have been published, CDs are for sale internationally. Her music is heard on international rtv & can be licensed via a major US music agency. Recent work has been placed at Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel/Animal planet) & the popular American PBS series Closer to Truth 2012. http://www.facebook.com/harpandsoulproductions

Web; www.harpandsoul.com Tel; Contact via website
Harpist Andrea VoetsHarpist H5 - Andrea Voets - Netherlands

Andrea Voets (1989) is a unconventional classical harpist, living and working in Germany (Berlin), Belgium and the Netherlands.

Visit her website to learn more about her life, musical ideas and concert options (as described on the 'Hire a harpist' section at http://www.andreavoets.com/#!__hire-a-harpist


Web; www.andreavoets.com  Tel; +31 622 908 747
Photo of Ducth harpist Inge Pelt.Harpist H6 - Inge Pelt - Netherlands

Advanced amateur harpist, that plays on a regular base in several high level student orchestra's.

She studied for two years at the conservatory in Amsterdam, with harp lessons from Alex Bonnet.

Inge loves to play harp music on your wedding day, dinner, or other special occasion.


Web; www.ingepelt.nl Tel; Contact via website
Picture Of Holland based harpist Rachel Ann Morgan.Harpist H7 - Rachel A Morgan - Netherlands

Rachel Ann Morgan has many years of experience as a harpist and as a classical singer. Originally from Wales she has worked internationally both as a harpist and as a concert and opera singer. She plays the concert harp as well as the Celtic harp.

She also gives recitals, performs at weddings and provides background music for various kinds of functions. She is based near Amsterdam and performs all over The Netherlands.

Web; www.rachelannmorgan.com Tel; Contact via website
Photo of a Dutch harpist.Harpist H8 - Lucia Wisse - Netherlands

Lucia Wisse is an all round harpist. She gives solo concerts, recitals, concerts with her violin player, wrote and plays in a children play.

She teaches and makes music with mentally disabled people and is playing a lot for and with the older and sick among us. She plays a lot at weddings and funerals and realizes the importance of music at both of those days. Playing harp is her life and her talent is to touch the people with her interpretation and feelings she puts into her music.

Web; www.harpisteluciawisse.nl Tel; Contact via website

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