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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions frequently asked by people who have, or wish to book a harp player,
harper or harpist as they are more commonly known.
If your question is not covered here please contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page.

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Questions About Booking A Harpist or Harp Player?
Q; I have received a quote and I wish to book a harpist. What do I need to do now?
A; It is very easy, all you need to do is complete our online booking form by clicking the booking form link that is in the email quote we sent you. Where available, always include your 2nd and 3rd choice harpist, in case your 1st choice is booked. Remember to include your full postal address and post code. We then book the harpist on your behalf.
A form is sent to you via email or Royal Mail for you to complete with the details of your event and return it to us with your deposit. We forward the completed form to the harpist, who then has your full contact details to contact you direct. If your event is short notice, then the balance will be due in full when you return the paper work.
Q; When should I book the harpist?
A; Harpists are the most popular form of entertainment for weddings and any other event where 'a touch of class' is desired.
It is a fact that there are not enough harpists in the UK for the amount of people who would like to book them. Though we have by far the largest stable of harpists in the country, we are still unable to find harp players for a few of our clients.
Our expert advice would be, as soon as you find a harpist that suits your requirements, book them as soon as you can or someone else will.
Questions About Payments?
Q; How much is the deposit?
A; The deposit amount can vary depending on the sum quoted. Typically the deposit is between 55 and 95 depending what you have booked.
Q; When is the final balance due?
A: The final balance is due 21 days before the date of your event. If you have made your booking at short notice your payment will be due in full by return of post.
Q; What Payment Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?
1) You can pay by Internet / Phone banking.
2) By Credit or Debit Card or via PayPal. A PayPal account is not required.
3) By Cheque.
4) Cash over the counter at any Lloyds Bank.
Questions About The Harpist?
Q; Will I have direct contact with the harpist to discuss music etc?
A; Yes, the harpist gets your full contact details, so that he / she can discuss your requirements in finer detail.
Q; Does the harpist have a CD I can listen to, so that I can choose which songs I want played?
A; Each harpist has a vast repertoire of music, far too much to put on a CD. Many of our harpists have a small amount of sound clips on our website you can listen to. Our best advice is to speak to the harpist, they know what works best and you can benefit from their experience. You will also find that most harpists have a repertoire list on our website, which you can use for suggestions, but remember this is only a sample of their repertoire. If you are not sure how a piece of music sounds played on the harp, it's worth listening to some of the other harpists sound clips on our website. Most harpists read music and some will learn new pieces if you have a special request. However, if they have to purchase music or have the music arranged for the harp, there may be a small extra charge involved.
Q; The sound clips on the website won't play properly. What can I do?
A; The sound clips on our website have been tested and work fine. The most common problem we hear about, is the tracks play intermittently. This is usually down to a slow internet connection or slow computer at your end. Let the song play all the way through (even if it's jumping). Once it has played all the way through, click the play button on your media player and the track usually plays perfectly.
Q; Can the harpist play outside?
A; Most harpists will play outside in the warmer months of the year. However, they MUST be protected from direct sunlight, strong wind and rain. Most venues can arrange a Gazebo or similar. The harp is a very expensive instrument and can range from 12,000 to 50,000. As the harp frame is made of wood, it is sensitive to sunlight, temperature change and moisture, therefore it must be protected. If it is very windy, this can also be a problem. Remember, a harpist hands need to be very nimble to play the harp, if they are in a cold wind, their fingers will get numb and they won't be able to play properly. As weather conditions can change very quickly, the final decision of whether the weather conditions are suitable for them to play outside, is down to the harpist.
Q; Does the harpist require anything from us?
A; The harp player will require a comfortable, armless, backed chair. As a rule, no power supply is required. However, if you have booked a harpist with an electric harp, one 13amp socket will be required. If you require the harpist on site for any longer than two hours, then refreshments of at least a sandwich or soft drink are required. The harp is a very demanding instrument to play and the harpist will need to take a comfort break. Usually about 5-10 minutes in each hour. Where possible, these are usually taken during natural breaks within the events proceedings.
Q; Can the harpist move from one room to another?
A; Yes, they do this regularly so it is not a problem.
Q; Can the harp be taken up and down stairs?
A; In most case the answer is yes, but the harpist may need a hand from guests or a member of the venues staff. If the stair case is very narrow or has a very low ceiling this can sometimes be a problem. In these cases, it is better to hire a harpist with a Celtic harp which is smaller than the concert  / pedal harp.

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