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This Devon harpist, was born into a musical family. It was part of his education, as well as his brother’s and two sisters‘, to master an instrument. At one stage, his parents sold both their cars so they could afford the music lessons. 

As a boy of four he would sit for hours working the reel-to-reel, listening to classical music such as the Saint Matthew’s Passion and the occasional folk tunes. At the age of seven He started to play the Lyre and at nine he took up his main instrument, the Harp. 

Although for eight years he made his living as a kindergarten teacher, He still played the Harp as a hobby and occasionally professionally. 

He then moved from Holland to Northern Ireland.

The Irish tunes, the melodies of Turlough O’Carolan (the blind harpist and composer) and the passion people felt for their music inspired him.

He moved again from Northern Ireland to Devon bringing the Irish tunes with him and once he’d given up his teaching job he became a full-time harpist.

What he has done. 

He has been a harp teacher for more then twenty years and has been performing as a soloist and with his brother Marc who plays the violin. Together they’ve been on Concert Tours in Britain, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. 

He had private tuition for years from the renowned Harpist Cathy White who is the Principal Harp teacher at the Birmingham Conservatoire and Harp teacher at the Royal Music Academy in London. 

He has been the harpist of the Torbay Symphony Orchestra and has been a Wedding Harpist for 20 years. He has also played at festivals, hotels and restaurants. Recently he did some recording with Joss Stone for her new album. 

He has also recorded four albums :

1. Seaweed on the tide (Celtic Harp)
2. Picking up the thread (Concert Harp)
3. The Walpot Brothers (Harp and Violin)
4. Butterfly Wings (Harp and Violin)

Where he has played.

He has played in most of the major hotels in Devon and the south west.

Amongst them are : Powderham Castle, Dartington Hall, The Imperial Hotel, Ston Easton Hotel, Bovey Castle, The Fowey Hall Hotel. He has performed in Concert Halls throughout Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

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