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Celtic Harpist SE09

Harpist Gina - London Area

On your wedding day everything has to be perfect
and a harpist has the sound to add that
wonderful, final, perfect touch.

The harp and voice is a combination that is unlike
any other sound. From the Royal Albert Hall to
performing for Princess Diana, she has
captivated audiences around the world.

The right music is a crucial part of any celebration
or function, as she knows only to well, "At my
own wedding in Dublin I knew that the music had
to set the right mood, whether it was in the church
or at the reception. So just like my dress it had to
be tailor made".

You can choose the songs, and have both vocal and instrumental music that will bring an elegance and tranquillity to make your day that bit more wonderful. She has an extensive range of music that is guaranteed to provide
a programme that fits you as well as your own wedding outfit and this very talented and experienced harpist will help you choose the right music for your event if required.

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