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Scottish Harpist SC13
Covering; Scotland

Harpist Scotland SC13 PhotoAs a harpist, composer and singer, she is a multi-talented musician. Harpist SC13 performs with effortless poise, transforming any event into a relaxed and sophisticated occasion.  To add style and distinction to your special event, this harpist offers a great wealth of repertoire: traditional, Scottish songs, celtic music, contemporary songs, popular sentimental favourites, classical music and jazz.  From the cool elegance of the concert harp to the vibrant passion of the celtic harp, she offers music to reflect your own style.   
To personalize your special event, she offers a song repertoire in widely varying styles: contemporary songs such as the evocative ‘Songbird,’ traditional, Scottish songs, such as the hauntingly beautiful ‘Ca’ the Yowes,’ or the timeless, popular favourites.

This harpist also has an entrancing voice, beautifully complimented by the clear tones of the harp.
To create a unique tribute to your special occasion, she offers commissioned compositions. She can accommodate all styles and preferences, drawing on extensive experience and an impressive track record.
She has studied composition at postgraduate level with leading experts, including internationally acclaimed composer, Savourna Stevenson. Her own compositions have achieved acclaim at public performances in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Described as a ‘prodigious talent’ by the Scottish Arts Council, she has won numerous music awards and prizes, including the prestigious Donald Dewar Arts award. She has won several valuable music scholarships, to study harp and voice with distinguished experts at conservatories in London and Scotland. She has performed at prestigious venues across Scotland, including Edinburgh castle, the Balmoral and Gleneagles hotels, Floors castle, Mount Stuart, Bute, Borthwick castle and Hopetoun house.

Harpist SC13 looks forward to performing at your next event. Please complete the online enquiry form to check availability and receive an exact quote tailored to your event.

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