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Harpist - SC03
One Of Scotland's Up And Coming Celtic & Concert Harpists
Covering; Scotland and Northern England

This young harpist has been performing at weddings and other functions across Scotland for the last ten years. She was trained by world-renowned harpist and composer Savourna Stevenson, whose innovative approach spans a variety of genres from jazz to world music. She then spent a year studying classical pedal harp at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague before taking up her place at Cambridge University, where she studied Dark Age history and literature. Now back in Scotland, she is available to perform at weddings either with her black Camac pedal harp or with her lilac Celtic harp, which was specially commissioned from Scotlandís premier harp maker Mark Norris. 

She offers a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, modern and traditional Scottish pieces. She also has a great deal of experience in arranging music specially for her clients, and has performed requests of everything from Muse to Philip Glass. Her style is fresh and uplifting, and she prides herself on tailoring every performance to suit the couple personally.

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The Differences Between The Two Types Of Harp Used By SC03.

Scottish harp player SC03 plays two different types of harp, which are different sizes. The smaller one is the traditional 'Celtic' harp. This has less strings which can restrict some of the tunes that can be played on it. The sound board is much smaller and therefore it is not as loud as the large concert harp. The Celtic harp can be more versatile though. It's size means that it can easily be moved around in small spaces. This is especially true in old venues such as castles where you might get narrow winding stair cases.

The larger of the two is the 'concert' harp, which is also known as the pedal harp. The pedals are very similar to the pedals on a piano. In fact the harp is pretty much a piano standing on it's end, but without the legs and casing. It is a little more complicated than that, but in essence, true none the less. The concert harp has many more strings and is more difficult to play than its smaller counter part. Though this is compensated for by the fact that many more tunes can be played on it, as there are a wider range of notes. The sound board is also much larger, meaning that it is capable of emitting higher volume than the Celtic harp. The larger size and more intricate design of the concert harp also means that they carry a much higher price tag which can vary from around £12,000 to over £40,000 for a new instrument.

What Do You Need To Provide For A Harpist To Play At Your Event?

The exact requirements of each harpist may vary slightly, so it's always best to check with them before the event. However, they are few things that the vast majority will request.
You or the venue need to supply an armless, backed chair. This is crucial so that they can sit in the correct position to play. If the chair has arms, these get in the way.
These instruments are very expensive and very susceptible to the elements. If you require your harpist to play outside, you must provide suitable shade from the sun and cover from the rain or wind. If the floor area is grass or damp in any way then there needs to be a mat or similar for them to stand the harp on. This is so that the base of the harp does not soak up moisture.

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