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Harpist NE07
Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire,
West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Manchester

Harpist NE07, originally from Cardiff, began learning the harp with Eluned Scourfield whilst in school, before leaving for University in Leeds to study music and mathematics and where she has recently completed a PhD in composition under Dr Mic Spencer and Dr Kia Ng, exploring alternative tuning systems and the triple harp.

Since arriving at Leeds, she continued studying the harp with Rachel Dent and has been working as a teacher and freelance harpist providing music for weddings and conference dinners at locations such as the University, Kirkstall Abbey and York Museum Gardens.

During her time at Leeds University, this harpist performed as part of the Music society chamber orchestra performing Mahler IV and the new music ensemble LSTwo which premièred Mic Spencer’s The Lynx Arc. She was part of the 20-harp choir to perform Cage and Parsons at the 2007 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and more recently was tutor and composer for the Worksop annual harp festival, where her composition Pluck 2 for multiple harps was premièred.

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