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Harpist EM4
Covering; Derbyshire, East Midlands, West Midlands and The North East

She comes from a background in traditional music and began performing professionally in 1992. She is in great demand as a harpist and is becoming known for her fresh approach to the traditional repertoire. Last year saw her play as far afield as Perthshire and Hampshire, along with the many and varied engagements which took place closer to home in the East Midlands.

Wedding Harpist East Midlands

Over the years, her music has been the accompaniment to many weddings, parties, restaurant appearances and corporate functions. She also takes part in traditional and folk music events around the country.

She plays a Pilgrim Progress lever harp, a beautiful and elegant instrument based upon Medieval Welsh harps. The Progress is larger than most lever harps, which lends it great versatility and wonderful resonant bass notes.

Harpist EM4 also plays a full size concert harp  

She works from within the musical traditions of Britain and and Ireland, playing the music which has accompanied social events for many hundreds of years. Her extensive repertoire also includes classical and early music and she is always willing to learn pieces specific to requirements, given adequate notice.

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